Short Paragraph on My Sweet Home Updated in (2023)

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This paragraph is about My Sweet Home. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 111 words. All class students can read and remember it.

  • (a) Is your home in a village or town?
  • (b) What materials have been used to make it?
  • (c) How many members does your family have?
  • (d) Who are they?
  • (e) Is the home comfortable?
  • (f) Do you have a separate reading room?
  • (g) Do you like it? Why or why not?

My Sweet Home Paragraph

A home is where we stay with our families and live safely. One's own home is always sweet to him. I live in a small house situated in the middle of the village. My house is made of bricks, and the floor is fully marbled. It has three rooms, a kitchen, and an attached bathroom. A lovely flower garden is in front of the gate of my house. I live here with my parents and my sister. I also have a separate bedroom and use it as a reading room. There is so much fun and joy at my home. It is the sweetest, loveliest, and best place in the world.

My Sweet Home Paragraph for Class 3

My house is the sweetest place in the world. It is situated in Rajshahi. It is a single-story building. I live with my parents, little sister, and grandmother in my house. My house has four rooms: the drawing room, kitchen, and three bedrooms. We have a spacious washroom. There are enough windows for ventilation. Windows have lovely curtains. My house is well furnished and well decorated. There is a beautiful garden behind my house. We also have a swing in the garden. I feel safe and secure in my house. When I return home from school, I feel very relaxed here. I love my house very much.

My Sweet Home Paragraph for Class 6

The home I live in is a nice one. It is situated in a village at shalbagan, Rajshahi. It is a one-storeyed building. As the building faces the south, we can enjoy sufficient sunlight and fresh air. Rods, bricks, sand, and cement have been used to make it. We have five members in our family. Mina, my little sister, my parents, and my grandmother live in our home. It is a comfortable one. I have three bedrooms, a drawing room, and a separate reading room. The kitchen is on the north, while two bathrooms are adjacent to the bedrooms. The rooms are built up in a way so that we can have easy access to each room. As there is a flower garden on the front side, it adds to the beauty and charm of the house. The house is free from the din and bustle of the city. A calm and quiet environment prevails in the house, which I find very helpful for my studies. The house has all the modern facilities like electricity, telephone, etc. I like it very much. I feel thrilled and comfortable to have such a perfect house.

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