Short Paragraph on A Farmer Updated in (2023)

a farmer paragraph, a farmer paragraph easy, for jsc, in 300 words (a farmer paragraph for class 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

This paragraph is about A Farmer. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 129 words. All class students can read and remember it.

  1. (a) Who is a farmer?
  2. (b) When does he get up?
  3. (c) What does he do?
  4. (d) What is the condition of a farmer in Bangladesh?
  5. (e) How can their condition be promoted?

A Farmer Paragraph

A farmer cultivates the land for agricultural production. In an agricultural country, a farmer plays a vital role. He works in the field from dawn to dusk. He rises very early in the morning and goes to the field. He returns to his house in the twilight. The general condition of the farmer in Bangladesh is very miserable. They lead poor life. They live from hand to mouth. They don't have their land. They cultivate the land of wealthy people. They suffer from various diseases. They are deprived of basic needs. As a whole, they can't lead a happy life. We should better their condition by ensuring their basic needs. The government should come forward to mitigate suffering. They should be encouraged. Only then can we better their condition.

A Farmer Paragraph for Class 4

A farmer works on farmland. He lives in agriculture. The daily routine of a farmer is a simple one. He wakes up with the sun rising and goes to his fields. He works in the fields under the burning sun and plows his fields to grow crops. His financial condition is not good. He has to remain unfed or half-fed due to want or scarcity. He often cannot make a good harvest due to want of money and natural disaster. A farmer contributes to the national economy of the country. Thus we should help our farmers to survive and contribute to our agriculture.

A Farmer Paragraph for Class 6

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The people engaged in agricultural work on their small farms are called farmers. The farmers live in the village and work on their agricultural fields to grow paddy, wheat, pulses, onion, pepper, oilseeds, sugar cane, etc. The farmer has to work hard during the sowing and harvesting seasons. He gets up early in the morning. He eats some pasta rice and goes to work in the fields. He works till dusk. Even after so much trouble, he is happy to see that his field is full of grain. But drought, over rain, flooding, cyclones, and pests often destroy the crops. Then his sorrows know no bounds. Generally, a fanner lives in poverty and dies poor. Since he is illiterate, he has a large family, and it is tough to combine both ends. The government should take steps to educate them and help them with good seeds, fertilizer, and better agricultural knowledge.

A Farmer Paragraph for Class 8

The farmer is the farmer who earns his living. Generally, a farmer lives in a village. In our country, a farmer is generally. Poor. Often he does not own his land. So, he cultivates the land of others. He leads an impoverished life. He does not get enough food to eat. Sometimes, he has a little land. He got up early and left for his land. He works hard on his land from dawn to sunset—even works in the rain or the sun. During harvest, he is on his land till late at night. He worked hard to plant the seed or prepare the land for sowing. Most often, a farmer is illiterate. He cannot apply the scientific method of cultivation. The lot of a farmer depends on the whim of nature. Sometimes, crops fail to owe to natural calamities like droughts and floods. Then the misery of a farmer beggars description. The driving force of our economy is agriculture. He can play a vital role in the national economy by increasing agricultural production. I love the work of a farmer. We can assist him by providing him with the scientific knowledge of cultivation. The government should do something to improve the condition of a farmer's life.

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