Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5 (Updated in 2022)

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5, Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5 in English, Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5th

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5

A friend who is suitable for you is a blessing from God. Rehan is my best friend. He is my age. He lives right in front of mine. He is my classmate. He is a brilliant boy. He is a happy boy with bright eyes, a smiley face, and grey hair. We both go to school together. We play and study together. English and mathematics are his favorite subjects. He prefers to wear clean and neat clothes. He is kind and generous. His manners and habits are excellent. He is my best friend.

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5 in English

Natasha is my name, and I am a sixth-grader. There are many friends in my class and my apartment, but I have one extraordinary friend. Sushi is her name. Sushi is my best friend. She is also my best friend. Our bonding and understanding are strong.

We share an apartment, go to the same school, have the same classes, and spend lots of time together. She is an incredible girl. She is a great singer and dancer. She used to sing songs at our house parties. She is a beautiful person, and I enjoy spending time with her. Everyone in the apartment and at school is kind to her.

She excels in her study too. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a private worker. Both are educated and well aware of her. Their family includes a little sister Susan and a charming brother. My friend is someone I love very dearly, and I wish her all the best.

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5th

Saurabh is my dear friend. Saurabh is a good boy. Despite having many friends at school and in the neighborhood, Saurabh is my best friend. Saurabh is polite and straightforward.

Saurabh studies alongside me in my class at school. Her father is a lawyer. He wants to be like his father and a good lawyer. Saurabh's mother, a duodenum, is also his. She is very kind and caring. Saurabh is blessed with a younger sister.

Saurabh is an outstanding student. He is always the first to class. Saurabh is interested in both studies and sports. He loves chess. He is our highest chess player. Saurabh has been a representative of our school in the game of chess many times and has helped brighten the school's name.

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5th in English [Answer: 01]

The closest and most important person to you is the person who you consider your "best friend". We have a lot in common with our closest friend. The best friends are always there for you. Understanding is a crucial part of being a good friend to anyone.

No matter if you're happy, sad, in a difficult situation or not there is always the best friend. Best friends might not have an immediate blood relation, however they're still similar to your cousin. If you find a person during your time, be sure you keep her in your life throughout your life.

Essay on My Best Friend for Class 5th in English [Answer: 02]

Friends are an integral part in every person's life. I am extremely fortunate to have a close friend like Rohan. Rohan is my most trusted friend. My classmate is Rohan. He excels in his study. His most loved subject is math. Teachers love him so much. Rohan is a member of a well-known middle-class family.

Apart from academics, he's excellent at extracurricular activities such as painting, drawing and sports, among others. Rohan is a well-mannered young man. He respects his elders and speaks to people very respectfully. He is often at my home and assists me in my academics. We also play with each other throughout the day, especially in the afternoon. I am extremely satisfied with my most beloved friend.

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