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This paragraph is about Our National Flag. It's a concise and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Our National Flag Paragraph

  • (a) What is the symbol of independence?
  • (b) What is its measurement? 
  • (c) What is it made of? 
  • (d) What is its colour?
  • (e) What does the red circle symbolise? 
  • (f) What does the green colour symbolise?
  • (g) How can we uphold its honour?

Our National Flag Paragraph

A national flag symbolizes the freedom and sovereignty of a free county. Every independent county has a national flag of its own. Bangladesh is an independent country, and she has a national flag of her own. It is rectangular in size. The length and breadth of the flag are 10: 6. It has a red circle in the middle. The green colour symbolizes youth, and the red colour resembles a rising sun. It also represents the supreme sacrifices of our freedom fighters and language myrtles. It is hosted every day on the top of the critical government building and educational institutions. It is kept half-mast on Shaded Day. I am proud of our national flag because it reminds our independence. We got our freedom from Pakistan in 1971 on 16 December. We must uphold its honour by doing our national duty properly. We must sacrifice our lives for our country and its sovereignty.

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 6

The national flag of India is the symbol of freedom and unity of the country. It is rectangular. It is also called 'tricolor' or 'tiranaga' as it has three colours. The topmost colour is saffron, white is in the middle, and the lowermost colour is green. The saffron colour symbolizes courage and sacrifice; white represents peace and truth, while the green colour symbolizes faith and chivalry. It has an Ashoka chakra with 24 spokes in blue colour at the centre. The national flag is hoisted on Independence Day, Republic Day, and other important events. It is made up of khadi cloth. It symbolizes our freedom struggle, national pride, and history. We must always respect and honour our national flag.

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 9

The national flag is the symbol of a nation. Every independent country has a separate national flag. As an independent nation, we have our national flag. The size of our national flag may be big or small. It differs according to the places where it is to be hoisted. To make the flag, we are to follow a specific rule. The ratio of length and breadth is 5 : 3—the radius of the red circle is one-fifth of the size of the national flag. A giant flag is used for the buildings; on the other hand; a small flag is used for a car. However, a specification has to be maintained in making a flag. Our national flag is Prussian green with a red sun in the middle. There are separate meanings of each of the colours. The green colour stands for the ever freshness of our nation, and the red colour bears the memory of the bloody struggle of our country. It also stands for the glory and pride that our country has. Our national flag is our glory, and it is very dear to us. So its dignity to us, the people of Bangladesh, is vast. We should do our best to uphold its dignity as our freedom fighters laid down their lives to free the country from the brutal Pakistani army. We can do it by considering the nation's interest before our own. Thus, our freedom fighters' noble and supreme sacrifice will be honoured. Our national flag is our glory and pride. We will not be able to live with dignity and honour if we fail to uphold its dignity. Every citizen of our country should take an oath that we will keep the benefit of our national flag at the cost of our lives. May God give us such power.

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 8

Each independent nation has its national flag. It symbolizes the freedom and sovereignty of a free nation. As a free nation, Bangladesh has got a flag of its own. The people of our country are proud of its flag because it means that Bangladesh is a free and sovereign country. Our national flag reminds us of the heroic struggle of the freedom fighters to liberate the country. The size of our national flag is rectangular: 10: 6. It is proportional, but the flag is of different sizes, depending on its use. The flag is raised daily on top of our essential government buildings and educational institutions. It was lifted everywhere on the occasion of Independence Day and Victory Day. On the occasion of National Mourning Day, national flags were half-handed around. There are two colours. They are green and red. The green colour of the flag symbolizes the youth, and red indicates the sacrifice of the freedom fighters who gave their lives. Every time we salute our national flag and remember the highest gift of our freedom fighters. I am very proud of my national flag because it reminds me that I am a citizen of Bangladesh whenever I see the national flag. I can hold that honour by properly performing our national duty.

Our National Flag Paragraph 150 Words

Our national flag symbolizes our independence and sovereignty of a free country. It is rectangular in size. There is a red circle in the middle of the green. The ratio of flange length and width is 10:6. The green in the flag symbolizes the youth, while red indicates the sacrifices of the freedom fighters who laid down their lives. Our national flag represents our national identity. To show due respect and honour to our national flag is our national duty. We respect it by keeping it aloft in all our offices and organizations on all working days. We can hold that honour by properly performing our national duty. The national flag is kept half-mast on national mourning days.

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