Short Paragraph on My Class Teacher Updated in (2022)

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This paragraph is about My Class Teacher. It's a concise and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

My Class Teacher Paragraph

  • (a) What is the name of your class teacher?
  • (b) What is his qualification?
  • (c) What is his method of teaching?
  • (d) How is his behaviour?

My Class Teacher Paragraph

Mr Ahmed is our class teacher. He is a BA, Bed. He teaches us Mathematics. He is young and intelligent. His method of teaching is straightforward and friendly. He has a clear, solid and pleasant voice. He always makes his lecture exciting and educative. He knows how to increase the curiosity among the students. He can make any mathematical problem easy. He tries heart and soul to better our situation. He creates encouragement in our minds. His presentation, attitude, and humane qualities please us. He makes the lessons very interesting. He never feels tired. He behaves well with us. He takes good care of us. He always helps us. If we don't understand any lesson, he tries to make us know it in several methods. He always wears a smiling face. We can easily talk to him without any fear. He is very kind-hearted to the poor students. He helps them in their difficulty. Sometimes he gives them monetary help. He is a loving person to all. For his quality, we like him best.

My Class Teacher Paragraph for Class 7

My favourite teacher is Mrs Kulkarni who teaches us Science. She is a strict teacher but very helpful and patient. I like her way of teaching. She explains all the topics with real-life examples so that we understand the concepts clearly. She also encourages us to ask doubts. Mrs Kulkarni is a disciplined and punctual person. She makes sure that we complete our homework and project work on time. She guides us during interschool science exhibition events and other school activities. She never forgets to appreciate students who score good marks in her subject. Along with the school subjects, she also teaches us good ethics and emphasizes becoming a person with a strong character. She is an excellent teacher and always motivates me to do good in my studies.

My Class Teacher Paragraph for Class 2

Mr A.B Siddik is a teacher at our school. He is an M.Sc in physics. He is my favourite teacher. I like him the most. He is not only my favourite teacher but also my famous person. He is a teacher of the true sense of the term. He is a friend, philosopher and guide of us. I think he is the best teacher in our school. He has a sound knowledge of physics. He makes a complex topic easy for us. Mr Siddik is totally against corporal punishment. He never rebukes any students. He always comes to the class at the right time. All the students from our class listen to his teaching attentively. I never miss his class and attend daily. He is a good gentleman. He is benevolent. He helps needy students by giving them books free of cost. He also helps poor students by giving them free coaching. Mr Siddik is a social worker. He tries to remove illiteracy, superstition, child labour from our locality. He has got many awards in Bangladesh as well as abroad. I am proud of being his student.

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