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This paragraph is about International Mother Language Day. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

  • (a) What is international mother language day?
  • (b) what is Shaheed day?
  • (c) what is the background of this day?
  • (d) who gave the recognition of this day when?
  • (e) what will we have to do to uphold the glory of the day?

International Mother Language Day Paragraph

21st February is International Mother Language Day-This day is our glory-we feel proud of this day-Every year, this day is celebrated with respect and solemnity. 21st February is a red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh. Our brave sons laid down their lives for the mother tongue on this day. The Pakistani rulers tried to establish Urdu as the state language. Our sons Protested this, and some of them were brutally killed on 21st February 1952. At last, Bangla was found, and 21st February has become our language day. We feel proud of this day. Our glory reached a climax when UNESCO announced this day as International Mother language Day in 1999. Now, this day is celebrated worldwide by international communities. Every year this day is celebrated with due respect and solemnity. Bangladesh remembers her brave sons on this day. We offer flowers to the Shaheed Minar. We stand still in front of the Miran for the peace of the departed souls. Colorful processions are brought out to mark this day. Different sociological cultural organizations arrange other functions. We become very enthusiastic when this day comes. Our credit goes far and wide as every country gives dignity to our sacrifice.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph 100 Words

The importance of the 21st of February in the history of Bangladesh can hardly be exaggerated. The 21st of February is International Mother Language Day. On this day in 1952, to save Bangla Language, students struggled against the then-Govt and wanted to snatch it away from our tongue. On this day, people wake up early to go to 'Shaheed Minari barefooted. People offer flowers at the 'Shaheed Millar' to pay homage to the martyrs. They walk the following lines and sing the most famous song by Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury. To mark the day, different cultural programs are arranged. In the evening, people organize discussions or seminars. People do so to commemorate the heroic deeds of our national heroes. This day was once the pride of our countrymen, but the whole world presently observes this day with due respect. The world as a whole remembers our noble sons. The world now knows that Bangalees are very brave; they are not afraid of sacrificing their lives to establish the right of their mother tongue.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph Class 6

Mother tongue means a language through which the people of a country express their ideas, thoughts, feelings, and emotions clearly. 21st February is International Mother Language Day. This day has been declared International Mother Language Day by UNESCO to pay due respect to the existing mother tongues of different countries. In reply to a proposition of the Bangladesh Govt. the declaration has come to reality. The day has a long glorious historical background. It is miserable that the then rulers of Pakistan tried to impose 'Urdu' as the state language on us instead of Bengali. Before our country's independence in 1952, the then-Pakistani ruler Jinnah declared in a public meeting that "Only Urdu and Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan." The people of our country burst into a protest against this unjustified decision. Some of the heroic sons of this- soil came forward and sacrificed their valuable lives for the cause of the mother tongue on 21st February 1952. The objective of observing the day is to pay homage to the language martyrs. The day is essential for the people of Bangladesh. Now it is a matter of great pleasure and prestige that this day got international recognition in 1999 as International Mother Language Day.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph for Class 9-10

Any international day is harmoniously observed all over the world. On international mother language day, every nation of the world respects the language of a country. It is an outstanding achievement for Bengali to have its mother language day as an international mother language day. UNESCO declared 21' February as international mother language day on November 7, 1997. At that declaration, our mother tongue Bangla got international recognition. This grand occasion reminds us of those heroic sons of the soil who sacrificed their lives to glorify our mother language. Barkat, Sulam, Jabbar, and Rafiq were among those who sacrificed their lives for this great cause. They kissed death at the shot of the Pakistani ruler. They raised a massive protest against imposing 'Urdu' as the state language. The Pak rulers shot indiscriminately at the procession to suppress the Bengali language. On this mother language day, the nation respects the heroic sons for their supreme sacrifice. Through the declaration of UNESCO, the people of this planet come to know about our deep love for our mother language and our struggle for it. The people of the world pay their homage to the martyrs. We are proud of our heroic sons who have brought-this honor to our nation. This day teaches us to be determined to fulfill the motives for which our courageous sons laid down their lives.

International Mother Language Day Paragraph for Class 12

21st February is a red-letter day in the history of our nation. It is also a mourning day for us. It is a day of historical importance. The day reminds us of our language movement and the sacrifice of our heroic sons. Now we observe the day as international mother language day, formerly regarded as saheed dish. The day is a national holiday. UNESCO declared the day as international mother language day in November 1999. It is not observed in our country but is regarded as an international mother language day worldwide. One day in 1952, the Pakistani wanted to impose their undue language as our state language. They tried to take away our mother tongue. Then our heroic sons of Bangladesh established the Bangla language as the state language sacrificing their blood and lives. On the day. We pay homage to the shaheed minar with flowers to show respect for their sacrifice. We bow down, singing a traditional song, "Amar vai er route Mangano ekuse February, ami ki value pair." All Government and Government organizations bring out rallies very early in the morning, singing songs; they go to shaheed miner. All people go to the shaheed minar with flowers to show respect to the language martyrs. So the day and language martyrs will be remembered forever in the history of our Bengali nation.

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