Short Paragraph on Ethnic Peoples of Bangladesh Updated in (2023)

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This paragraph is about Ethnic Peoples of Bangladesh. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 178 words. All class students can read and remember it.

  • (a) What do you mean by ethnic people?
  • (b) Why is culture fascinating? 
  • (c) Where do they live?
  • (d) What religions do they belong to?
  • (e) What are their common characteristics? 
  • (f) What are they fond of?
  • (g) How are they different from us?

Ethnic Peoples of Bangladesh Paragraph

Ethnic group means one kind of tribe or community of people. They are different from us. Their religion is different from ours. They are an essential part of the culture of our country. They have different cultures and traditions. Their clothes, jewelry, cooking, and eating habits differ from ours. Several ethnic groups live in Bangladesh. Among the ethnic people, the most well-known are the Chakmas, the Marmas, the Tipperas, the Hajangs, the Gators, the Monipuries, and the Santals. The majority of those people live in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Some of them live in Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Bhola, and Sylhet regions. They practice Jhum cultivation. By religion, they are Hindus, Christians, or Buddhists. They speak their mother tongue. They have some common characteristics. They have their lifestyles. They build their houses on bamboo or wooden platforms. Rice is their staple food. Men wear a lungi, and women wear this or sarongs and angles. Hunting and fishing are their favorite pastimes. They enjoy songs, music, dances, theatre, and fairs. Ethnic people play an essential role in our culture and tradition.

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