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This paragraph is about A Village Fair. It's a concise and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

A Village Fair Paragraph

  • (a) On what occasion was the fair held?
  • (b) Where was the fair held?
  • (c) Why did you go there?
  • (d) With whom did you go there?
  • (e) What did you see there?
  • (f) What things did you buy from the fair?
  • (g) Where did you return home?

A Village Fair Paragraph

On The Occasion Of The Pahela Baishaki, a fire was held under an age-old banyan tree situated in our village. I felt tempted to visit the fair. I went to the fair with some of my friends at 4 p.m. The whole place was full of joy and busy activities—there were shops of different types. There were wooden toys, clay dolls, balloons, food items, etc., in the shops. There was also a merry-go-round, rope dancing, etc. I bought many things for myself and my family. I bought candy, dolls, flowers, vases, etc., from the fair. It was almost a hectic day for me. I returned home in the evening.....

A Village Fair Paragraph 200 Words

A village fair is a popular event in the village. The fair sits in an open field in the village. It is a traditional part of our culture and civilization. A considerable number of people came from different villages. There were dolls, toys, sweets, wooden and earthen things are sold at the fair. Men and women came here to buy, sell, and enjoy things. Different types of food are also sold at the fair. The merry-go-round and puppet show are the biggest attraction at the fair. Children gather around the toy shops, ride, and puppet show. Thus a village fair plays a vital role in the rural life of our country. It removes the monotony of village life.

A Village Fair Paragraph for JSC

The name of my village is vishrampur. It is situated near a seashore. It is a paradise of beauty, freshness, and peace. The rich fields stretch for miles around. Numerous fruits and flowers grow here throughout the year. The climate is somewhat humid but pleasant. Near about 2000 people live in my village. Farming is the main occupation of many villagers. There is one big lake in the village because people do not face the problem of water. There is a beautiful temple of Lord Krishna beside the lake. There is one government school in the village for all children. My village also has a hospital, a post office, and one bank. The people of my village live a simple life. They are kind and innocent. They live with unity amongst themselves. I love my village very much, and l feel that it is the best place.

A Village Fair Paragraph 150 Words

Last week I went to the fair in beneshwar. I went there with my friends. We took a round of the fairground. There were many shops and stalls. They were selling toys, balloons and other things. Some were selling sweets and napkins. There were merry-go-rounds. We took some napkins and tea. We bought some toys and returned home. I enjoyed the fair very much.

A Village Fair Paragraph for Class 10

A village fair is a huge gathering place for men, women, and children. It's an annual affair. A village fair is where villagers meet to buy and sell goods. People in the village gather to sell and buy goods here. A village fair usually sits on the river bank or temple courtyard. It is held on the beginning day of Baisakh or the death anniversary of the holly man. It lasts a day or a week. A village fair is a kind of display. Many kinds of people bring their handmade articles to sell and display. Many exciting things, including clothes, cheap ornaments, cosmetics, dishes, articles made of bamboo, sweet sweets, are sold at the village fair. There are some attractions at the village fair. The main attractions are yatra, circus, puppet dance, magic show, etc. The utility of a village fair is many. It encourages cottage industries, artisans, artisans, potters, weavers. In a village, the fair has some weaknesses. It Has No Proper Sanitation Gambling parties are often seen at a village fair. It is a noisy and unhealthy place. The pickpockets gather there. A village fair gives us many joys and pleasures. It is a source of recreation. It gives us relief from our monotonous life. So there should be held more fairs for the prosperity of our culture.

A Village Fair Paragraph for Class 9

A village fair is an annual gathering. It sits in an open space under a large tree or on the bank of a river or a canal. It is usually held in the month of Chaitra and baishakhali on the eve of the Bengali new year. It lasts for 3-7 days. This is an exciting place for the villagers. It plays a vital role in life. Men and women of different ages go to the fair with great joy. There are stalls everywhere at a fair. Some sell sweetmeats, some sell toys, some sell stationery goods, and some sell fancy goods. Children buy toys, flutes, kites, sweets, etc. Weavers, carpenters, and potters come to the fair to sell their homemade articles. Ladies come to the fair to buy their-necessary utensils. The visitors buy sweetmeats for their dear and near ones. A village fair is a place of amusements and pleasure.

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