Short Paragraph on A Bus Stand Updated in (2023)

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This paragraph is about A Bus Stand. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you will like it. This paragraph is only 186 words. All class students can read and remember it.

  • (a) How is the bus stand?
  • (b) When does it remain busy?
  • (c) What do people wait there for?
  • (d) When does it become calm and quiet?
  • (e) When does it become busier again?

A Bus Stand Paragraph

A bus stand is a well-known place. It is an important place for our everyday communication. It is a place where buses stop and start. It is seen in a city or a town. It is a bustling place. It remains active all the time. There is a waiting room for the passengers in most bus stands. Passengers eagerly wait for the arrival of buses. In some bus stands, there are counters for booking tickets. Passengers stand in line to collect the ticket. When buses arrive, people become busy and try to get into the buses and get down the buses. There are different kinds of stalls. A tea stall is a common sight in a bus stand. Coolies are seen busy carrying loads. Hawkers are found selling betel leaf: cigarettes, and many other items. Magazines and seasonal fruits are also available here. When the buses leave the stand, it becomes quiet. But when another bus comes, it becomes busier again. Sometimes people quarrel with each other. Pickpocket picks up the passengers' pockets. Yet a bus stand plays a vital role in our communication and transport.

A Bus Stand Paragraph for Class 6

A bus stand is where a bus stops to let the passengers down and get on the bus. Inside a city area, bus stands are seen at different busy spots. School or college gates, marketplaces, medical centers, and the crossing points of two or more roads are the leading sites for bus stands. Local buses generally do not maintain fixed bus stands. However, for intercity buses, there are fixed bus stands on highways. A bus stands to place in an impromptu roll. Though it creates problems, like a traffic jam, our communication system would break down without it. A bus stand becomes busy mainly at peak hours when people come out for work and when they are ready to return home. When an overcrowded bus arrives at the station, a noise erupts there. Pushing and shoving occur among the passengers. It looks like a mini battlefield. Nowadays, there are some bus stands where some rules and regulations are maintained. However, for a safe and comfortable journey, the service facilities of each bus stand should be improved.

A Bus Stand Paragraph for Class 9

A bus stand is where buses stop when roads or highways are moving up and down. It is a kind of temporary shelter for travelers. Passengers have to wait for some time to avail themselves of a bus. So, they come and stay for buses on a stand. Usually, it has a shed, a wall, and a concrete bench. There are counters for tickets in Son bus stands, and People are Standing Nobody for Buying Tickets. Sometimes, when someone breaks a line, heated words are exchanged. There are bookstalls or light refreshments. Hawkers with snacks do a little business on a bus stand. Sometimes, seasonal fruits are sold at the bus stand. Passengers refresh themselves while waiting for the bus. However, not all bus stands have shed. People suffer much from the sun's heat or rain in such frames. Most bus stands in Bangladesh do not have sheds. People suffer from the sun's heat or wait for a bus at the risk of uneven rainfall. People do not have to wait long for a bus because there are not enough buses to carry passengers. As a result, passengers have to wait even a few hours at the stand. So, a bus stand should have a shed, a good arrangement for people to sit and have some refreshments.

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