Short Paragraph on Child Labour Updated in 2021 | EEB

This paragraph about Child Labour. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Short Paragraph on Child Labour Updated in 2021 | EEB
Child Labour Paragraph

Child Labour

Child labor refers to the work of a child that is not suitable for a child. This creates a block in their education. Moreover, child labor harms children physically, mentally, and morally. It is an immoral habit that robs a child of infinite possibilities. The child suffers from extreme violence and adversity. Child labor became a nightmare for them. Child labor is often the victim of sexual abuse. Sometimes they are trained to give bags on the street or are forced to work for inhumane times. Stopping child labor and bringing the abused child back from the harsh world should be a national concern.

Child Labour Paragraph for HSC

Child labor is a curse for a nation that should be abolished through law enforcement. The children have compromised their basics to serve their master and have spent the most beautiful time of their lives in inhuman labor. Children from low-income families or orphans are victims of child labor. They are left to be exploited by the miserly behavior of their master. A laboring child may have to do various things like begging, breaking bricks, protecting waste, etc. Criminals use children to smuggle and supply drugs to their agents. Although children are constantly forced to work a considerable shift, they are paid a minimum wage and go to bed hungry every night. Child labor has to face extreme brutality, and they feel the ultimate intensity of a hard life. There are no gifts, festivals, celebrations, and happiness in their lives. Malnutrition and a healthy lifestyle shorten their lifespan. Children have grown up with a relentless, traumatic event that manages them as long-term offenders. Child labor is the result of an endless cycle of poverty and unrest in society. We can reduce the prevalence of child labor by eradicating poverty. Many countries have banned child labor in their constitutions. The government should raise public awareness to rehabilitate working children and bring them back to school. All child laborers need to be brought to the forefront of their lives to overcome the potential dangers of the country in the future.

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