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This paragraph about Water Pollution. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Water Pollution Paragraph

Water Pollution

No animal or plant can live without water. The other name of water is life. In the same way, we can say that another name of water is death. Pure water saves life while impure water kills it. Water pollution means impuring water which is getting impure in many ways through which water becomes poisonous. People pollute water in many ways. They frequently throw garbages into water. Toxic chemicals of factories are drained off into rivers and canals. Fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides used in cultivation mix with water, and thus water get seriously polluted. The ultimate outcome of water pollution is suffering from deadly diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, etc. Water-borne diseases are no less fatal than air-borne diseases. Diarrhea and cholera may spread in the shape of epidemics and cause a heavy toll of death as they had caused in the past. Villages after village were used to turning into crematoriums. If left untreated. diarrhea and dysentery may take chronic form and at a stage, become medicine-resistant. It is a matter of great regret that some people still use unhygienic toilets, drink surface water 'without boiling, take bath and wash clothes and utensils in the same pond or canal where the unhygienic toilets are. Water contamination is sometimes beyond treatment. So we should be careful about it. We must be aware of pollution. We should drink pure water. We can easily collect rainwater for the purpose of drinking since it is solely pollution-free. Utensils should be washed with pure, preferably boiled water. The authority concerned should build and run new water treatment plants and set more tubewells.

Water Pollution Paragraph Class 7

Water pollution means water being dangerously unclean. Many things pollute water. Waste of every kind pollutes it. Chemicals and oil from mills and factories pollute the water in nearby rivers and canals. Drains discharging liquid waste into rivers and canals also pollute water. Waste carried by rainwater sometimes pollutes the water in ponds, rivers, and canals. Farmers use chemical fertilizers to grow more crops. They also use insecticides to protect crops. Some of these fertilizers and insecticides being carried to rivers and canals pollute water. If people use polluted water they get diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and other serious diseases and many of them die. People can sell themselves from these diseases by drinking pure or clean water. To have more clean water, they can prevent water pollution by burying their waste.

Water Pollution Paragraph for SSC

Water is a very important element of the human environment. It is an essential element of nature because it saves all kinds of life on earth. Clean water is healthy but contaminated water is very harmful. Nowadays water pollution is one of the serious problems that humanity faces. Water pollution refers to the pollution of water by dirt, waste, or other substances. It can be polluted in many ways. After being washed away by rain or flood water, the water is contaminated using chemical fertilizers and various pesticides. Mills and factories dump their waste products into rivers and canals and thus contaminate the water. Again motor launches, steamers pollute the water by dumping oil, food waste, and human waste. Another aspect is the pollution of underground water by arsenic. By drinking this contaminated water we often get sick and even die. So, we must prevent water pollution at any cost. Water can be purified by boiling it and using purifying tablets. All concerned should be aware to keep the water free from pollution. Govt should take all, for a healthier and happier life, massive awareness trust be created against water pollution.

Water Pollution Paragraph for Class 3

Harmful contamination of anything is called pollution. Pollution often refers to environmental pollution i.e. pollution of water, air, sound, etc. Water pollution means surface and drinking water pollution. Men pollute water by discharging domestic and industrial wastages. waste and filth. poisonous chemicals and corrosives. Mills and factories throw their chemical wastes into rivers and canals and pollute water. Farmers use pesticides and chemical fertilizers which are washed away by the rain and flood and pollute the water. Pilfering of oil from water vehicles.: dead bodies and rotten debris of animals and plants, germs of diseases, etc. pollute water. We can reduce water pollution through proper waste management. People should also be made aware of the ways and means to keep water pure and clean.

Water Pollution Paragraph 250 Words

Water Pollution is an important element of our environment. It is called life. When it turns undrinkable and harmful to our existence, we call it water pollution. In fact, water pollutes people in many ways. First, farmers often use chemical fertilizer and insecticides in the cornfields. They mix with rain and flood water and pollute it. Secondly, mills and factories throw their wastes into rivers and canals and pollute it. Thirdly. ignorant people pollute water by throwing human wastes and filths from drains and insanitary latrines. By. drinking polluted water, we become sick, suffer from fatal diseases, and sometimes die. therefore, we should prevent water from pollution for our own sake. By making people conscious and taking necessary measures, water pollution can be reduced to its optimum level.

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