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This paragraph about Watching Television. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Watching Television Paragraph

Watching Television

Television is the most popular mass media in today's world. It is also the best means of entertainment. It telecasts different types of programs including news, weather forecast, educational programs, cultural programs, national and international sports, etc. Cultural programs are an attractive aspect. They include drama serial, stage drama, music, recitation, magazine program, cartoons, short films, telefilms, and cinema, etc. Television telecasts live programs of national importance. The documentary program, the geographic presentation, weather forecast, and mass literacy programs are also its educative aspects. Sometimes, naked displays are telecast through various channels. The children and the students are worst affected by seeing these. Children lose interest in their studies and become addicted to television.

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