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This paragraph about Sumaya's Dream. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Write a paragraph about ‘Sumaya’s Dream’ on the basis of the following questions :

(a) What had Sumaya dreamt ?
(b) What did she want to do ?
(c) What did her father want about her married off ?
(d) What did Sumaya do ?
(e) Did her father pay any heed to her ?
(f) What was her husband ?
(g) What was the age of Emon ?
(h) What did Sumaya see/face in her in-law's house ?
(i) How she was treated there ?

Short Paragraph on Sumaya's Dream Updated in 2020
Sumaya's Dream Paragraph

Sumaya's Dream

Sumaya, a girl of 15 had all the dreams of a young girl. She wanted to stand on her own feet. She wanted to complete her education. After completing education, she wished to have a good job. She wanted to change her luck. She wanted to see a smile on her parents’ faces. But all her dreams were nipped in the bud. Her father wanted to her marry off. But Sumaya did not like it. She tried to manage him. But all her tears and protest were in vain. His father didn’t pay any heed to her. She was married off to an unemployed man named Emon. Emon was 18 years older than her. In her in-law's house, she saw poverty and poverty. She was also misbehaved. Darkness engulfed her dreams.

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