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A Historical Place I Visited Paragraph

A Historical Place I Visited

Historical places symbolize the ancient relics, culture, and tradition of a nation. They represent the age-old memories. People can get acquainted with their own culture and tradition visiting these places. They are arg always attractive. I am much interested to visit the historical places with my own eyes. Whenever I get a chance, I visit these historical places. During the last autumn vacation, I got an opportunity to visit Bagerhat, a great historical place. The important spots of Bagerhat are 'The Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali'. The Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali'. The Shatgainhuj Mosque and The Ghora Dighi. The Mazar of Khan Jahan Ali is a fine one-storeyed building where he was buried. On the night of full moon of the month Chaitra, a big fair Is held beside the Mazar. The Dighi of Khan Jahan Ali is in front of the Mazarslt is a big tank. There are some crocodiles in this big tank. I visited the Shatgamhuj Mosque. The Mosque is beautifully decorated. The Ghora Dighi is also high. It is near Shatgambuj Mosque. I also visited the museum where the ancient relics are kept. I came to know about the social activities of Khan Jahan Ali from the local people. Bagerhat is really a place of historical interest. I have learned many things about the 16th century. The visit gave me a chance to know about our ancient period. I left Bagerhat but the memory is still in my mind.

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