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This paragraph about Tree Plantation. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Short Paragraph on Tree Plantation | EEB
Tree Plantation Paragraph

Tree Plantation

Tree plantation is now the demand of time and context to make the world a suitable living place. To maintain the order of the environment we need planting trees more and more. When a proper and scientific method is followed to plant trees it is called tree plantation. As an important element of the environment, trees help us in many ways, it is not only the factory of oxygen but also it inhales carbon dioxide, the most destructive element for our survival. The greatness and contribution of trees in our day to day life can little be described in words. They are our natural friends to survive as well as to adorn our life. We cannot but depend on trees for our daily necessaries. From shelter to medicines, we have to depend on it. For building our houses and making furniture we can't but depend on trees. Trees are the main source of our fuel force. In addition, they provide us with fruits that meet up our demand for vitamins and minerals. Giving shed, hey protect us from the ultraviolet ray of the sun. Indeed they save the earth from becoming desert maintaining ecological balance. Anyone can easily imagine what a terrible matter will happen if there are no trees. Needless to say, if there are no trees, the world will turn into a lifeless bare ground. The most shocking matter is that we cut down these tested friends randomly for our better and comfortable living. But now it is time to be considerate in filling the gap which is created by cutting down trees. So, planting more trees must be the only vision and mission of us. Mainly July and August are the two effective months of planting trees. Due to the rainy season during this time we do not need to think of watering and extra caring. Generally in any open place, trees can be planted. Notably roadside, mountain slopes, homestead, and around educational institutions are the perfect places for planting trees. Above all, it is a forgone conclusion that without trees our life on this earth will be endangered. So, by raising public, awareness, and field campaign the government along with the mass people must be kind and strict in planting trees devotedly.  

Tree Plantation Paragraph for Class 8 or JSC Exam

Tree plantation means planting trees in large numbers throughout the country. Trees help us by providing us with food, oxygen, and fuel. If there were no trees, there would be no oxygen and life would stop. Tree damage means loss of life. It leads to fewer rains and fall of harvest. If in a given area tree does not exist in adequate proportion to men, animals, soil, air, and water, the ecological balance gets disturbed and life becomes difficult or impossible. As a result, people die of starvation. Besides, heat, pollution, floods, famines, diseases are the result of deforestation. So forests should be conserved to save mankind. Birds and beasts will have no place to live in. Thus wildlife will be extinct and the balance of Nature will be disturbed. To prevent it, deforestation should be discouraged. Awareness about the importance of trees has to be developed to keep the earth greener, cleaner, and safer for the future. By way of advertising in print and electronic media, people can be motivated for tree plantation. 

Tree Plantation Paragraph for SSC Exam

Tree plantation means planting a tree. It is the most important work to save our world. The tree is the real friend, of humans. It makes our environment fit for survival. To keep the environment healthy every country needs at least 25% forest in comparison to her total land area. In reality, in our country, it has only 15% forest. Our environment is quite an under threat. We need to plant more and more trees. It saves us from deforestation. Tree not only saves the environment but also creates a source of money. By planting tree we can earn money like our social forest activities. It gives us sheds and comforts. We also receive fruits, flowers, timber, and fuel from trees. It also reduces soil erosion and protects us from natural disasters. In order to keep our environment sound, we should maintain the ecological balance. So we should encourage people to plant trees by the side of the bank of the river, street, or pond. At the same time, we have to be careful to save the tree and try to prohibit the cutting trees. If we cut one, we should plant at least five. 

Tree Plantation Paragraph Class 7

Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. This is a program taken by the government to save our environment from the dissertation. Trees are very useful and necessary for the environment. Trees give us oxygen without which we can't survive. But this important aspect of our environment is destroyed by the unwise acts of the people. We should plant more trees in order to maintain harmony between man and nature and also to save our environment. June and July are the best times to plant trees. Trees can be planted on the banks of ponds, rivers, on both sides of highways and railways, on the banks of dams, etc. The government and the public should work together to materialize the tree plantation program. The more we plant trees the more we do good to us.

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