Short Paragraph on Internet Update in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about Internet. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Short Paragraph on Internet Update in 2020 | EEB
Internet Paragraph


The few most amazing inventions which have developed the civilization in a great extent 'internet' is one of them. Actually, the internet is a computer-based international network providing the accessibility to connect with other computers. Still, now it is the most mysterious and wonderful gift of modern science and technology introducing us with the fastest and sophisticated mode of communication. The Internet is a computer-based network. It is a speedy medium for transmitting information with the help of computers and networks. It can work smoothly, easily, and instantly. A man can get any information by clicking or dialing a number from his computer. It is a milestone in the modern world of communication. Many educational institutions are greatly benefitted through the use of the internet. It plays an effective role in trade and commerce. Internet-based e-commerce has become very popular with customers. Because customers can buy or choose anything without going to the market. Students can go through several books from the libraries without going there. In the near future, the students will be able to take their class lectures from anywhere in the world through the Internet. Bangladesh's Internet has opened a new dimension in our communication system. But the use of the Internet in our country is very expensive. Many people in Bangladesh still do not have access to the Internet. To keep pace with the modern world we have to use the internet and develop ourselves.  

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