Short Paragraph on Discipline in Student Life Updated in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about Discipline in Student Life. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Short Paragraph on Discipline in Student Life Updated in 2020| EEB
Discipline in Student Life Paragraph

Discipline in Student Life

Student life is the most vital part of man's life. It the seed time of life. It is the seed time of life. Discipline in student life is very important. Without discipline, a student can not happy and successful. The most important duty of a student is to study hard. He must acquire knowledge for the future. He is a future citizen of the nation. He must build up a good character. A student should acquire moral education at school as well as at home. He should obey his teacher as well as parents. As he lives in a society, he had some social duties also. He should try to remove. Illiteracy from his locality. He should fight against superstitions, dowry, etc. He should never participate in active politics. If students are indiscipline, then we can easily imagine what will happen. A nation can not rise if the students do not know the discipline.

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