Short Paragraph on Victory Day of Bangladesh Updated in 2020 | EEB

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Short Paragraph on Victory Day of Bangladesh Updated in 2020 | EEB
Victory Day of Bangladesh Paragraph

Victory Day of Bangladesh

The 16th of December is our victory day. It is a memorable day in the history of Bangladesh country. On this day, we achieved victory from Pakistan. After a long nine months of struggle, the Pakistani army was forced to leave our beloved homeland on this day. This day is very important for various reasons. Now, Bangladesh is deliberated as an independent country in the world. We have started to make our glorious progress on this historic day. Our nation is considered as a heroic nation. In fact, this day is a day of great achievement for us. Every year this day is observed with great solemnity and solidarity. The whole country wears a festive look. This day begins with a gunshot. Our national flag is at the top of every organization, shop and shopping mall. Meetings, seminars, discussion meetings were held in different places. People went to the national memorial to pay their respects to the martyrs. On this day, we take the oath against any kind of injustice, tyranny, and falsehood. But it is a day of joy, hope, and inspiration. This day will remain in the heart of every Bengali forever and ever.

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