Short Paragraph on A Journey By Bus Updated in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about A Journey By Bus. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Write a paragraph on 'Your Experience of a Bus Journey' in about 150 words answering the following questions.

Short Paragraph on A Journey By Bus Updated in 2020 | EEB
A Journey By Bus Paragraph

(a) When, where and with whom were you going ?
(b) How were you traveling by ?
(c) What happened on the way ?
(d) Who were shouting ? And why ?
(e) Why did the patrol police come ?
(f) Who were making a hue and cry ?
(g) Who phoned to the office of the bus ?
(h) Who sent a relief bus ?
(i) When did the relief bus reach the spot ?
(j) When did you reach your destination ?

A Journey By Bus

Last month, I along with my father was going to Dhaka from Khulna. We were traveling by a bus. When we reached at majhigati in gopalganj district, one of the wheels of the bus fell flat. The bus was about to fall by a nearby pond loosing its control. Bud the bus was supported by a tree. We, all the passengers were favoured by our fate. However, out of fear some passengers were shouting. I was also scared. The patrol police came to help us. Some people gathered at the. Spot. They were making a hue and cry. Then the driver of the bus phoned to their office. The office sent a relief bus for us, we were waiting for it. The relief bus reached the spot after about 2 hours. We got on it. We reached our Destination—dhaka in safe and sound.

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