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This paragraph about Our Classroom. It's very short and essays paragraph. I thank you like it. This paragraph only 500 words.

Write a Paragraph on 'Our Classroom' in About 150 Words Answering the Following Questions.

(a) what is the use of a classroom ?
(b) where is your classroom located?
(c) how is your classroom?
(d) how is it arranged?
(e) how many students can it accommodate?
(f) how do you feel in the classroom?

Short Our Classroom Paragraph Updated in 2020 | EEB
Our Classroom Paragraph

My Classroom

A classroom is a place where classes are held for teaching students. Our classroom is on the ground floor of our school building. It is adjacent to the teachers' lounge. It is a very spacious room. It has two doors and eight windows. We can have sufficient air and light. The rooftop is also well-electrified with eight fans and ten tube lights. There are twenty high benches and low benches for seating the- students. The teacher sits on a chair with a table on a raised platform. There is a blackboard fixed to the wall. We feel comfortable to attend classes in this classroom. We like this room and keep it neat and clean.

My Classroom Essay 100 Words

I am Abu bokor siddik. I study at Hari Mohan govt high school. I am a student of class six. My classroom is on the second floor. We are a total of 60 students. There are 30 benches for us to sit our teacher has one big table and chair. There is a large blackboard on the front. My classroom has 6 windows. It is airy and ventilated. It has 3 ceiling fans for us. It is also very neat and clean. There are pictures of great leaders and freedom fighters on the wall. My classroom also has maps and charts which help us in our studies. There are two cupboards for storing study material. My classroom is very nice and I like my classroom very much.

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