Short Paragraph on Dangers of Smoking Updated in 2022 | EEB

This paragraph about Dangers Of Smoking. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Write a paragraph on 'Dangers Of Smoking' in about 150 words answering the following questions.

Short Paragraph on Dangers of Smoking Updated in 2020 | EEB
Dangers Of Smoking Paragraph

(a) Is smoking a bad habit? 
(b) What are the harmful effects of smoking? 
(c) What steps have been taken by the government to discourage smoking? 
(d) Is social campaign necessary against smoking?

Dangers Of Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit. There are many harmful effects of this bad habit. The most dangerous effect is that it causes a serious health hazard. Smoking increases the risk of being attacked with a heart attack, stroke, and cancer. S/He usually suffers from various kinds of respiratory diseases like bronchitis, asthma, and coughing. A bad smell comes out of his mouth. Nonsmokers are also harmed by a smoker when he smoking before them. It is an irony that despite knowing the bad effects of smoking, people smoke. In fact, smoking is a serious addiction. It becomes very difficult to give up this habit. Recently the Government has taken some steps to discourage smoking and protect the non-smokers from being affected by smoking. A law has been passed to ban smoking in public places. It is necessary to raise a social campaign against smoking and make people aware of the danger of smoking.

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