Short Paragraph on A Street Beggar Updated in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about A Street Beggar. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Write a paragraph on 'A Street Beggar' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
Short Paragraph on A Street Beggar Updated in 2020 | EEB
A Street Beggar Paragraph

(a) Who is a street beggar?

(b) Where is he generally seen?
(c) How does he draw people' s attraction?
(d) How does he pass his days?

A Street Beggar

A street beggar is a well-known figure to all. He is a person who begs alms in the street. He is seen everywhere in Bangladesh. He is generally seen in the market place or by the side of the busy road. His hair is unbrushed and without oil. His dress is dirty and torn. Bad smell emits from his dress. Various types of beggars are found in begging. Some are blind, some are deaf, some are lame, some are dumb or able-bodied. Again some beggars are old or young. They utter painful words to attract the passers-by again. Some beggars sing songs, some recite the verses from the Holy Quran, some sing ghazals. People give them money. Sometimes he asks for money in the name of Allah. He prays for him who gives him money. He silently leaves the place if anyone refuses to give him money. He leads a miserable life. He lives on the charity of others. He has on a home. He sleeps on the road or under the open sky. Some beggars take begging as a profession. Again some are actually needy. They can't live without begging. We should be sympathetic to them and help them with their living.

A Street Beggar Paragraph for Class 6

The man who begs alms from people in the street is a street beggar. A street beggar is a familiar figure to the people of towns and cities. A street beggar is normally seen beside the street, in the market place or at the gate of mosques. He is very shabbily dressed. He puts on dirty and torn out clothes. Sometimes he wears a cap on his head. Some of them are blind or lame or dumb. A street beggar ignores the hot sun or bitter cold. As he is physically crippled or handicapped, he has no other source of income. So he takes to begging as the only means of earning money. He stretches his arm or begging bowl towards the passers-by and begs alms. He entreats in a very sad or pathetic voice. A blind beggar keeps someone with him to guide him. In busy streets, street-beggars are found at traffic signals to beg from the passengers or drivers. Begging is a curse to our society. The government should rehabilitate them. 

A Street Beggar Paragraph for Class 8

A street beggar is a common sight in towns and cities. He is seen sitting or standing everywhere in the street of town or cities. His hair is unbrushed and without oil. He was seen in patched up and torn clothing. His clothes are very dirty and the bad odor comes out of his clothes. Sometimes street beggars are alone or sometimes in a company. A street beggar may be able-bodied. blind, lame or crippled. A street bagger has a bag hanging down his shoulder. When a traveler passes by, he extends his bowl of begging for begging. Sometimes he is seen reciting some sentences of the Holy Quran or the Kalenia and asks for money in the name of Allah and His holy prophet. However, some passers-by give him some coins and some leaves being annoyed at loud shouts. A street beggar prays for the passers-by who help them. If someone refuses to give him something, he quietly leaves the place and goes. Sometimes a street beggar earns a lot.

A Street Beggar Paragraph for Class 10

A street beggar is one who begs for alms from street to street. He could be seen sitting or standing on the sidewalk and along the road. He is seen almost everywhere in towns and cities. A street beggar is usually an old, blind, crippled or disabled person. He wears often torn or patched clothes. Sometimes he is lonely and sometimes he is accompanied by other persons or beggars. A street beggar usually has a plate in his hand-which he extends towards passers-by passing by him. Sometimes he sings religious songs or verses to draw the attention of the passers-by. Street beggars are usually very poor fellows suffering from some acute diseases. They sometimes draw our sympathy by showing their diseases, helplessness. Whenever a traveler offers a coin or money, he happily wishes him well. Sometimes a beggar earns much and thus feels encouraged to continue the job. He is a disgrace to society. Since begging is a social problem, we must do something to stop this practice.

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