Short Paragraph on Your School Updated in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about Your School. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.
Write a paragraph on 'Your School' in about 150 worlds answering the following questions.

(a) What is the name of your school?
(b) Where is it located?
(c) How many rooms does it have?
(d) How is your teacher?
(e) Where is your school playground?

Short Paragraph on Your School Updated in 2020 | EEB
Our School Paragraph

Our School

The name of my school is Green View High School, Chapainawabganj. It is one of the most famous schools in the country. It is a two-storeyed building. There is a large gate at the entrance. There are about twenty-four rooms in our school building. There is a Headmaster's room, an office room, a Laboratory room, and others are used as classrooms. There is a rich library here. There are about two thousand students and sixty-five teachers in our school. All the teachers are well trained and qualified. There is a large playground for the students in front of the school. We play football, cricket, badminton etc. There are strict rules and regulation in our school. The Headmaster is very efficient in running the school well. As a result, the result of both SSC and JSC are satisfactory. The teacher takes great care of us. I am really proud of my school.

Our School Paragraph for Class 8

A school is place where children are educated. It is the place of learning knowledge and building character. I also carry on my formal study in a renowned school in the locality. The name of our school is green view high school. It is in b. Baria sadar thana. It is situated beside the sylhet'-chittagong railway. The school was established in year 1968. It is one of the best schools in the district. This is a very big school. The school is housed in a one-storeyed and l-shaped building. There are twenty rooms in all. There is the headmaster's room, the teachers' room, girls' common room, a library, and a science laboratory. There is a very big field in front of our school. There are twenty-one teachers in our school. They are sympathetic and helpful to us. They teach us with great care. Most of the teachers are highly educated and trained. Our headmaster is an m. A. B. Ed. He is a strict disciplinary, but sweet-tempered and kind-hearted person. There are seven hundred students in our school. Most of the students are studious. They are concerned to keep the rules of the school. Our school results are very good from other schools. Every year a good number of students pass the j.S.C and  s.S.C examination successfully. Students of this school are regularly getting scholarships. There is a very big playground in the school compound. We play football, cricket, volleyball, and other games. At inter-school games and sports, our school is gaining fame every year. The school observes some annual functions such as the annual sports, the prize-giving ceremony, the annual milad, and other national functions as well. Our school is one of the best schools in the district. The school has produced many famous men in the country. I am proud and happy that I read in such a school.

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