Paragraph on Your First Day at School Updated in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about Your First Day at School. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Write a paragraph on 'your first day at school' in about 200 words answering the following questions.

Paragraph on Your First Day at School Updated in 2020 | EEB
Your First Day At School Paragraph

(a) How was your first day at school?
(b) Who did you go to school with?
(c) How did you go to school?
(d) How did you feel at school?
(e) How was the day?

Your First Day At School

The first day at school is a memorable day in one's life. It is significant and important. The event exists in mind and never be forgotten. My first day at school is such an important and memorable day in my life. When I was five years old, my father told me about my new school. That night. I was thinking about my new school. teachers and the students. I was excited and couldn't sleep. My father took me to Narial Govt. Primary School the next day. The school is one of the most famous schools in our village. We went there on foot. My father took me to the Headmaster's room. I was afraid of this new place. My heart began to beat. But his smiling face and gentle words put me at ease. He asked me my name. Then he pointed to a letter chart and asked me to tell the letters. I could tell them all because my mother taught them at home. He becomes pleased with me. Then he called a teacher. The teacher took me to the classroom. He gave me a seat in the classroom. The classmates received me warmly. At Tiffin time I played with them and we all became good friends. At 4 o'clock I returned home. Really the day was full of excitement and it still ever fresh in my heart. It gives me pleasure in my leisure. I could remember the day until now.

Short Your First Day At School in English

Human life is the collection of some important events. Of those events, some are forgotten and remain fresh in the mind. My first day at school was a day of new joy and experience. My father took me to school at 10:00 am and got me admitted to class 1. The headmaster won my heart by his affectionate behavior. He took to the room of class 1 and introduced me to the class teacher and the students. Then my father took leave of me. But I did not feel nervous. It was a Bengali class. I could answer all the questions I was asked. The students formed a good opinion about me just in the first class and accepted me as a new friend. In the second period, English was taught. The English teacher welcomed me as a new-corner. When he put my questions, I answered correctly, the third period was the last. In this period, we taught mathematics. My performance satisfied the teacher in this period also. In fact, I had made/prepared a let of lessons in Bengali, English, and mathematics with my father at home. That is why I was in a position to acquit myself well. After school hours, I felt very happy and came back home with a throb of new life.

My First Day at School Paragraph for Class 9

I was six. Years old when I got myself admitted into the school. I studied in the 'village pathshala for two years and learned to read "Marsha lipi" nicely. On the first day, I was taken to school by my eldest sister who was a student of class ten at that time. After about half an hour my father came and took me to the headmaster's room and talked about my admission. He was middle-aged. Gentle end good-looking man. He asked me a few questions. I answered as gently as I could. The headmaster was a friend of my father. He took me to the class and told my father to do the official formalities concerning my admission. I was much scared of entering the class. There were about 50 students in the class. It seemed to me that all the students were looking at me. I felt nervous. But the nervousness was removed gradually. I feel pleasure and shy about remembering the day.

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