Short Paragraph on Our School Library Updated in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about Our School Library. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Write a paragraph on' Our School Library ' in about 150 words answering the following questions.

(a) Where is the library located?
(b) How is it furnished?
(c) With what is it furnished?
(d) Who looks after it?
(e) What is your opinion regarding it?

Short Paragraph on Our School Library Updated in 2020 | EEB
Our School Library

Our School Library

A school library is a room from where the students of a particular educational institution can borrow and read books. It is an inseparable part of a school. A school becomes fulfilled with a library. We have a library in our school. It is on the first floor of the school building It is well furnished with chairs, tables, shelves, and almirahs. The library contains a good number of books. All the books are kept in shelves and almirahs. They are written in Bangla and English. A few for them are in Arabic and other languages. A librarian is in charge of the library. He looks after the library and issues books to the teachers and students. We can easily borrow books by issuing our library cards. We have to return the books on time. We can read books there. The school library widens our knowledge. I am proud of my school library.

My School Library Essay in English for Class 6

A library is a part and parcel of an institution. The library is very helpful and the importance of the library is great in spreading education. So every institution houses a library. We have   also a library in our school. Our school library is situated on the top floor of our school building. It is housed in a very big room at the northern corner. Our school library is a big one. It is 30' x20'. It has three doors and seven windows. It is very tidy and well-furnished with admiral, book cases, and bookshelves. These are arranged nicely. Tables and chairs for the readers are arranged in the middle of the room. Our library is rich in various types of books. It has a good number of books that can easily serve to see to the students and the teachers. It contains books of reference, on grammar, composition, history, geography, mathematics, civics, economics, chemistry and so on. Students are given library cards. They have to show their respective cards when they borrow books. They are allowed to keep the book with them for a week. None can borrow more than three books at a time. There are rules in our library. Everybody is bound to follow the rules. None can violate them. Silence is a must here. If anybody fails t o follow the rules, his/her membership is cancelled or he/she is fined. It is no doubt, a library opens a golden chance both for the students and teachers to consult reference books. As our library has a lot of reference books, we get much help from it. Our library plays an important role in making our regular studies. We should try to make best use of it. We are indebted to our library to a great extent.

A School Library Paragraph for Class 12 

A school library is a component part of a school. Our school has a rich library. It is set up on the first floor. It contains many books on different subjects. There are also novels, poetical works, science fiction. storybooks and biographies. The library is well furnished. The books of the library are arranged neatly in an alphabetical way. There is a spacious reading room divided into two parts by a collapsible partition— one is meant for the teachers and the other for the students. An adequate number of chairs and tables are provided in the library for the readers. They are arranged in good order. The teachers and students go to the library to study the books of their needs. They can take books against library cards to their home also. The library is very helpful to us because nobody can buy all the books they require to read. nor all the necessary books are available anywhere at every time. Our school library is a storehouse of knowledge which we can partake in according to our needs and desire. This is managed well by an assistant teacher who is helped by a whole-time library assistant and a peon. We are proud of our rich school library.

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