Short Paragraph on Environmental Pollution Updated in 2020 | EEB

This paragraph about Environmental Pollution. It's a very short and easy paragraph. I think you like it. This paragraph only 200 words. All class students can read and remember it.

Write a paragraph on 'Environmental Pollution' in about 150 words answering the following questions.

Short Paragraph on Environmental Pollution Updated in 2020 | EEB
Environmental Pollution Paragraph

(a) What is the environment?
(b) What do you mean by environmental pollution?
(c) What things make environmental polluted?
(d) How is air polluted?
(e) How is water polluted?
(f) How is sound polluted?
(g) Why is environmental pollution injurious?
(h) How can we stop pollution?

Environmental Pollution

Environmental means to air, water, land, human beings, etc. All things are connected to each other. All these things make up the environment. It is a great threat that the environment is being polluted day by day. This has become a serious problem in our county. In our cities, the air is continuously polluted by the smoke emanating from factories. The land we walk on in both urban and rural areas is polluted with uncontrolled waste. Industrial waste and insecticides pollute water. Another form of pollution is sound pollution. We have noise from motor vehicles, mills and factories, airplanes, domestic instrument, radio, cassette player and so on. The pollution of the environment is acute. It causes different kinds of disease and the earth will lose her durability and bring a disaster in our environment. It leads us to the way of death. Therefore, environmental pollution must be tested to lead a happy and healthy life. And for this, effective steps should be taken immediately.

Paragraph on Environmental Pollution in 150 Words

The environment around us, including wind, water, soil, trees, animals, creates our environment. When the normal relationships between these elements of nature are disturbed, the environmental balance is disrupted and he calls environmental pollution. The smoke from factories and motor vehicles contains harmful substances like carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide. These hamper the cleanliness of the air. Mills and factories set up on riverbanks let out chemical wastes in the river. water. These poisonous substances arc destroying plants and aquatic life. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used In agriculture are also polluting the water. When people drink this water or bathe in contaminated water. They suffer from stomach and skin diseases. Environmental pollution may be controlled by taking various steps. We may increase afforestation. If trees are planted in large numbers, we can be benefited in various ways. Trees increase rainfall and prevent air pollution. Laws must be passed to prevent factory waste. Moreover, every conscious individual and institution should come forward to solve this problem for the sake of our safe. 

Paragraph on Environmental Pollution in 100 Words

Environmental pollution means a significant change in the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the environment. The main elements of the environment are human beings, animals, plants, soil, air, and waste and filth. Another form of environmental pollution is noise pollution. The word is corrupted in the car horn and microphone. Odour is polluted by dumped and untreated human waste. If our environment is polluted. we cannot lead a comfortable life. Pollution causes unnecessary deaths of billions of people around the world. Due to environmental pollution, we suffer from a number of serious and chronic diseases. Environmental pollution causes the world's climate change and brings about a variety of natural disasters. This prevents the balance and consistency of the environment. So we should take steps to prevent environmental pollution. We should be kind to animals and plant more and more trees. We should raise consciousness among the common people about the destructive effects of environmental pollution. 

(a) What is environmental pollution ?
(b) What are the elements that pollute our environment ?
(c) How does smoke contaminate air ?
(d) How is water polluted ?
(e) How do odour and noise pollute the environment ?
(f) How do these forms of pollution affect our lives ?
(g) Why should we prevent envirnmental pollution ?

Essay on Environmental Pollution in 250 Words

Our environment is made up of what we see around us like animals, plants, air, water, land, etc. When the balance or harmony between these elements is disturbed and life becomes difficult for us, we call this state of the environment to be polluted. Our environment is seriously polluted by some major pollutants called smoke, polythene, deforestations dirt and wastes, use of chemicals and fertilizers, etc. Emission of smoke from vehicles and rapid industrialization lead to serious air pollution in big cities. Polythene also contaminates the elements of our environment by disrupting the drainage system as well as destroying the fertility of the land. Plying of "Numerous vehicles, playing of loudspeakers, etc. Cause sound pollution in the residential area. Besides, dirt and waste pollute the environment by spreading bad smells as well as germs of diseases in the air. Water which is an important element of our environment is also polluted due to human waste, garbage waste, use of chemicals and fertilizer, etc. The polluted environment is a threat to our existence. So, we should prevent environmental pollution as well as our environment from pollution for our survival.

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